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Shalom Shalom,...We thank the Creator/the most high G-d for giving us the lifebreath of G-d in the hope that we can make a difference with a blessed soul like yourself!

Welcome to Shekinah Chayim...Mispocha We intend to be a Beth Chaverim/ A house of friends
et us rejoice in that we are one or at least working toward that goal~lol
Ahava Echad~One Love!!!
Goral Echad~One Destiny!!!
Boeray Echad~One Creator!!!

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Ponder this a moment:::
"You are a physical extension of that which we call G-d. You are sent for such a time as this...Nothing is by chance, all is orchestrated .Therefore You in connection with Ha'Shem the Most High G-D. The Self Existent One' of all creation are on the leading edge of thought manifestation. HIS Manifestation in and through you.
Yeshua' the mighty prophet and servant of YAHweh stated the Kingdom of heaven is within you.
Therefore You' are the essence of YAHweh bringing heaven to earth." You are a physical extension of that which is Non-physical, and with that, It all starts in your essence, and that is what connects you to Ha'shem.

Simply, You are His arms to a hurting world, which is all the more reason to walk in wisdom and ReFuAh'~ health and healing.
Friend; Please do your part' Humanity needs you to arise and shine with the Shekinah Life
~~Yeshayahu [Isaiah] 60:v1

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As The Zohar itself proclaims: "Woe unto those who see in the Law nothing but simple narratives and ordinary words .... Every word of the Law contains an elevated sense and a sublime mystery .... The narratives of the Law are but the raiment within which it is swathed."

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