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Feeling Happy About Every Opportunity To Connect

Feeling Happy About Every Opportunity To Connect

Dr. Michael LaitmanBy acting against our ego and connecting more strongly, we go through125 degrees
 of ascent that are divided into Sefirot,Partzufim,and worlds.
The stronger we connect the more we feel the inner power that connects us, called the Creator. Thus we go through five worlds:
Beria,Atzilut, and
Adam Kadmonand rise to the world of Infinity. We learn about all these states in the wisdom of
 Kabbalahand embody them in practice internally.

In order to fulfill this more efficiently, we have conventions. It’s very good that there are people from all over the world who don’t know one another in the conventionhall: men, women, veteran students that have been studying for years, and those who have just heard about the wisdom of Kabbalah and as if “by chance” have come to this convention. The connection among everyone is possible and doesn’t require any early preparation.

If we try to connect practically, we begin to feel that something is happening inside: A special force is being revealed between us, which as if didn’t exist before and which we haven’t felt. This force is only revealed in our world when we begin to work, by actually carrying out the advice of Kabbalists, and then we discover the force of connection between us.

Therefore, Kabbalists were happy about every opportunity to connect. They understood that thanks to this action we can attain correction and see the spiritual reality that is above us, to discover the force that manages us and leads us to a certain goal.

It’s the only way that we can look at ourselves from above, as at those who exist in the corporeal bodies, and to discover the upper worlds, the states that are above this world. It’s the only way we can see that this world isn’t real and to receive new attributes, new senses, that enable us to see the upper spiritual dimension that rises above the corporeal world, and to live in the two worlds at the same time. We feel this to such an extent that a person begins to feel eternity and perfection and isn’t afraid of death at all.

He will not feel when his body dies, just as he doesn’t feel when he has his hair or nails cut. This is because the corporeal body belongs to the animate level, while the hair and nails belong to the vegetative level, meaning a lower level. So if we rise to an upper level, called the human level, which is symbolized by the connection among us, we cease to worry about losing the beastly body, the body can live or die, while we exist on a higher level of existence, which we have attained.

This is what we should reach and this is the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah: to raise a person to the next level, to eternal existence so that we will not live in a beastly body but the life of the soul. The soul is the feeling that is created within our connection. So the purpose of all these explanations is to attain the only goal—connection.

We perform the act of connection in the conventions so that through this connection, as a small part of the general correction, we will feel spiritual life. Thus, we create one system ofAdam HaRishon(the First Man), by bringing his parts together and discovering the spiritual life in which the upper system, the general soul, lives.
From the Brazil Convention 5/04/12, Lesson

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