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 Someone said that Yeshua/Jesus destroyed the Temple when he -overturned the tables_
What is your thought - historically speaking.
It is a must in the Aramaic Hebrew culture to Tame the Yetzer harah (The evil inclination within)..before the Bar least hopefully.

I only mention that because a Yud, a Jew from the tribe of Judah would understand that uplifting Life is of the utmost importance ...even in the age of 25 AD / CE....So the description of Destruction may be a little more than deserved. Just a thought...
Also the House of Shammai ( Temple Rulers ) were aligned with the Scacari ( Dagger Men) and the Sadducee who were installed by the highest bidder by Rome.
IMHO it would be easy to see Yeshua as part of the house of Rav. Hillel who was in opposition to the rulings of the Patriots...the richer level of the community)and reproving them in debate as WE see a few times.

Overturning the Seat of Doveed has interesting implications of Reprove against the House of Shammai.
If this is a mode for something higher, like a kabbalistic understanding, then Yeshua is speaking at a higher level of 'overturning the tables' than WE see in this corporeal world and understanding.
.I am not thinking Yeshua was into destruction as the highest form of worship in Judaism is STUDY,... but it may have happened..above all-enjoy your journey

Todah raba,...thank you very much:

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