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Interesting about foundation,....Biblical foundation that is, and, what is it really in a Biblical sense might be a good question.
Since some folks relate church to foundation let us for the moment ponder it.

For that answer to become clear, we have to ask ourselves what was the Hebrew Men's lifestyles like and how do we adapt it today in a realized way. How are we are to emulate their life's as Yochannon stated so very clear it was to walk as they walked,... as Yeshu walked [firstYochannon 2:v6] I call it the 'Abiding factor'

Abiding to Torah truth in all reverence,and a humble/benevolent lifestyle...As any pious benevolent humble man would serving Ha'Shem in the Rabbinic way even as they do today....In absolute reverence.
Reverence and acknowledgment all through the day of how great your Father /Master/ creator G-d is to have blessed you with a chance to live and go about doing good.
Not to say that there are some who add to the walk with ridiculous theologies that were Never part of the Re-Newed marital covenant to the nation Israel first and foremost.
However that is part of the walk.
Spitting out the wood stubble and Hey of foolishness.
So a right looking 'church' should first and foremost look like a Jewish home set apart for reverence to Ha'Shem the Most high G-d....there are no other G-d's... And no Yeshu never claimed to be G-d but in two instances in his entire lifetime and walk and that allusion was to introduce a Hallakah for those two instances to get an opening into bringing Heaven down to earth..Two things happened;Number one Blind eyes were opened and number two Lazarus was called from the Merkubah [treasury] of YAHweh.
So really Yeshua at best case scenario is a causer of your salvation. Why? Because if you walk as he walked in obedience to the Torah written upon your hearts. You then have a place in the world to come { as we Jews call it] that is what John/Yochannon is saying in the Hebrew idiom.
Yeshua stated 'He came to fulfill it' which means to walk out the Torah lifestyle. [ MattithYAHu 5:17-19]

Shema YIsrael states it very well Deverium/Deuteronomy 6:v4-9 There is only one G-d and That one ois the one we bow to Not another.
To really study as Yeshu and Shual did to be worthy o lead the People of G-d You must study not just the entry level theology handed down from Rome But to really know what these men who have gone before us were about we really need to look into Judaism,... The Deep well of your religion foundation and really see how the lifestyle of these godly men and woman looked like. Western culture for the most part does not have a clue as to how much reverence and lifetime of study is involved in a Rabbis life.

Let me give you a clue It is rich in everything the revered kjv did not with all its little commentaries by nice well meaning men.
SRY I consider it entry level at best like Shual stating to some of the Am Ha Eretz [the common people] ' If you know G-d you do well' then turns to his own Talmidim and gets down to some deeper stuff.

Why settle for less: The History of Judaism the root of what you believe is rich with info to make your walk all that more intimate with the Master/Father....

Some suggestions of easy reading here

Deep calleth unto Deep everything else is pale in comparison my friends. The Torah truth will set you free that is what they taught, Not what Rome handed down through the protestant daughters...Remember Study to Show thyself approved and to do that you need to go into the cave of learning with the Master creator and be guided by His Shekinah light illuminating the truth and exposing the Traditional lies of denominations, and the Ruach nurturing us along the way. twenty minute Sunday's and some charlatan or court Jester leading the way in not the deep study these men paid a high price for. So do yourself a favor, read their history, read who there teachers were like R.Hillel the Yeshiva that Yeshua went to. And Gamaliel who taught Shual, He also was from the house of Hillel.. the grandson of the Rabbi Hillel. A perfect 'church in my humble opinion is a small group of people in the community meeting from house to house honoring Ha Shem in all their ways and they go about doing good for humanity and give one to another that is perfect love.

It is how the Hasidim live,Yeshua was a Hasid or More likely a Tzaddick one who is a master of the Divine names one who is Devekut with the Divine Master so much, that Like Enoch they are of great benefit for mankind sent by G-d.
It is infrastructure, it is Community__It is like a great Sage prayed "I pray that you become ONE with the Master as I' am Echud with Ha'Shem~~~If you really want to know what that means, I suggest STUDY' and your father in Heaven will guide you to the Real Truth in Him.
Above all enjoy your journey,... It is time to go up higher my friends the view is much purer at the top... There you will see we are all one'. Shalom Aleichem

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