Arise and Shine

Becoming the full stature man of One Mind-One hear interconnected with Others

Opinion: In order for a person to arise in the degrees to become the full stature man - the One Man, adhesion with the Creator he/she will need to overcome the present EGOism and become one-heart-one-mind-with others and ultimately be living under the One Creator, one G-d (if I may- in global harmony as a result.
This is the Paradigm shift of consciousness.
WE are all this together, each one goes through the same challenges of spiritual growth only their environments are different. an some do not have the eyes and depth to perceive without instruction.
Sadly, many of the global people do not fully understand, due to their environment that it is the Creator..G-d (nature) that is compelling this awesome global change into the new man /ADAM. aka the Adam Kadmon...the blueprint of all humanity, and so there is confusion and a crisis as a result.
There is none else besides Him.There is None else besides the Creator.

Common reference from the Sages is Ha'Shem which also means The Name'.
Who is the name?.. The Creator, the Ayn Sof above the Barrier, ABBA, Father...your papa.

 WE could say, we are heading back to the future by way of Gan Edan,.. the Garden of life and the Tree of Life, but this story is relevant and true for you today as there is no time and space in the real of spiritual attainment(s).

WE are evolving and at the same time opening up the Neo-cortex in the brain that will open up new desires for a global unified village.
An interesting Book: From Aging to Sageing opens this idea up further.

Warmongering will be surpassed with new advances in technology and simple policies of getting back to natural basics, WE will no longer teach war to our children.

A Blue print of our beginnings:

WE are about to obtain a  level of comprehension many degrees above the corporeal level on one hand and simplified to the masses on the other..that will create a global interconnected commerce and no one will ever die from starvation, lack of friends or lack of community.

How to get there
Find a mentor, a local Friend that desires study, because personal study is good, and then again in a group of students under a dedicated sage or Kabbalists is the best route, however if that is not available..then Bnei Baruch has all you need for study..all Free or you can purchase the tools for quality study ad help the organization in Masser/Tzedakah/charity.

If you want Mountain High
Ten you have to climb the mountain as only high level and intimate students and Sons get access to the wisdom while in intimate study.
These same students in-turn teach others the inherent life within creation using the science of kabbalah -which is derived from the teachings of the Zohar,.. which some say, is being the most enlightening instructions for our times and full of wisdom and connections to the sixth sense, which is required for this paradigm shift to a higher level of inherent consciousness.

Plenty of Challenges ahead:
When you look at the challenges, especially for a man of study, he finds it is not an easy task for an EGOist to find the time or desire for self-correction as you might imagine. This is me!!!
Well it is the environment and socialized-concepts that make the Me in all of us.
So, you ask, how can one overcome the desire to be a self-Me person and connect to others?

ANS: This is the first consideration: Love the Friend as myself,..Love thy neighbor even more-so...
This is the open door to spirituality :
The Creator, the Ayn Sof above the Barrier.

>Thank you for adding value to the quest of the meaning of life/

LE Chaim.


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