Arise and Shine


A Timeline of Jewish History

R. Kiener

The Biblical Period
2000-1700 BCE (approx) Middle Bronze Age The Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
1700-1300 BCE (approx) Late Bronze Age Israelites Slaves in Egypt
1250 BCE (approx) Exodus from Egypt
1000 BCE Iron Age IIA Solomon Builds Temple in Jerusalem
928-722 BCE Iron Age IIB</> Divided Kingdoms (Israel & Judah)
  • 722 BCE Iron Age IIC</>
Northern Kingdom (Israel) Falls
586 BCE The Destruction of the First Temple, Judah Falls
586-538 BCE Babylonian Exile
The Second Temple Period
515 BCE Second Temple Completed Under Persians
332 BCE Alexander the Great Conquers Land of Israel
167 BCE Hasmonean Uprising
37-4 BCE Herod the Great
66-72 CE The Great Revolt
  • 70 CE
The Destruction of the 2nd Temple
The Talmudic Period
132-135 CE Bar Kokhba Revolt
200 (approx) Mishnah Compiled
425 (approx) Palestinian Talmud Completed
550 (approx) Babylonina Talmud Completed
The Medieval Period
632-680 The Islamic Conquests
762 The Karaite Schism
1096 Crusaders Massacre Jews in Rhineland
1135-1204 Maimonides
1240 Paris Disputation & Burning of Talmud
1290 Jews Expelled from England
1391-1492 Inquisition; Expulsion of the Jews from Spain
1516 First Ghetto in Venice
1488-1575 Rabbi Joseph Caro; Shulkhan `Arukh
1665 Apostasy of Shabbetai Zevi
The Modern Period
1730 First Synagogue in New York
1760 d. of Baal Shem Tov
1770-1880 Haskalah Movement
1791 Jews Granted French Citizenship
1878 Petah Tikvah established in Ottoman Palestine
1881-1924 E. European Migration to North America
1897 First Zionist Congress
1933-1945 The Holocaust
1948 Creation of the State of Israel
  • 1967
  • 1979
  • 2006
Six Day War
Camp David Accord
Second Lebanon War

A Timeline of Jewish History

R. Kiener

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