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Part 21 In The Series On The Restoration Of Our People Israel
By Rabbi/Brother Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky

With Scriptural Assistance by Norman Willis

Where It All Began

To properly understand the teachings of the Renewed Covenant scriptures as it pertains to the authority of the believer, one must understand the truth of the blessings of Jacob upon the nation of Israel for these last days. In Genesis 48:19 Yakkov/Jacob gives Ephraim his grandson the mishpat bachor or firstborn blessing, after bypassing Reuben and Joseph. With that inheritance Ephraim rightfully should have received the authority of headship or kingly rule over the family of Jacob/Israel. The right to the mishpat bachor included total leadership powers, including spiritual leadership, decision-making, ruling authority, financial power, military guardianship, and the role of family judge. He would be expected to execute justice, right ruling, and equity in the family. The position carried with it full control of all family affairs. However, as seen later in Genesis 49:10, Yakkov knowingly divides this birthright by bestowing the authority of the rule over Jacob’s house upon Judah his son, leaving Ephraim being just the promised vessel of physical multiplicity, in order to fill the earth with Israel’s seed.

With Judah receiving the ruling power and authority to rule in the family of Israel, Ephraim is left with a blessing and a paper title and not much else. He found himself in a position much like the Queen of England today, who has the glamour of a palatial dwelling and a title, while the real power in Great Britain resides at 10 Downing Street. Here we see the beginning of the jealousy of those who would later come to be known as Ephraimites (the 10 tribes). They are the rightful heirs to rule over Jacob’s family but have been left holding the bag for 4,700 years. The true authority to lead Israel in society, and in all matters, fell to the seed or line of Judah. Judah received the spiritual and ruling authority normally belonging to the firstborn, without being the firstborn, as Ephraim is left strictly and solely with the biological promise of physical multiplicity. This split in Israel’s family, though guided by the Ruach HaKodesh, are the early seeds of what later would play out in the natural, as Israel’s family would be divided in two houses, culminating with the fall of Samaria in 721 BCE.
Let’s Analyze

Let's analyze the promise to Judah in Genesis 49:10. In that one verse lies one of the great mysteries of understanding Yahshua’s restored kingdom in the latter days. “The Scepter shall not turn aside from Judah, nor a Lawgiver from between His feet, until Shiloh comes, and to Him is the obedience of the peoples.” The Hebrew word for Scepter in this verse is the word shevet (Strongs Hebrew #7626). It can mean either scepter or tribe. Scepter means, “ a staff borne by a king as an emblem of his royal authority”, according to Webster’s Illustrated Dictionary (1967 Books Inc.p.584). Therefore In Israel’s family it would be the tribe of Judah, which would rule all Israel and not Ephraim. Jacob promises his house, that the tribe of Judah would have all ruling power, including the ability to make and enforce legislation, and establish halacha/legally-binding rulings in Israel. Later in Genesis 49:10 we see that it is Judah who will bring to Israel the Ultimate Lawgiver, (Strongs Hebrew # 2710) as well as the lawgiving authority from between his feet, meaning from Judah’s progeny and lineage. Here Jacob establishes Judah, as the tribe that will give birth to all the legal lawgivers/rulers in Israel, as well as the Ultimate Lawgiver Messiah Yahshua. It is evident that Moshiach Yahshua sprang forth from Judah (Hebrews 7:14). We see all of Israel’s legitimate kings up until the time of Babylonian captivity, and the carrying away of Zedekiah in circa 580 BCE, all coming from Judah (when we include Shaul from Benjamin, since Benjamin became part of Judah, and when we consider that Yahweh considered Ephraim as a breakaway nation from the House of David and it’s rightful throne, which remained in Jerusalem as a lamp before Yahweh).

From circa 510 BCE until about 165 BCE Jewish Israel also ruled over Judah through various political leaders and scribes, as well as some righteous prophets. From about 165 BCE until Messiah Yahshua, the men of the Great Assembly (sanhedrin) ruling from the House of Judah, (though not all were Judahites) halachikly ruled over Israel. When Messiah Yahshua was born as the Lion Of Judah, He carried His royal scepter/sehevet over and upon all Israel. He gave Moshe Rabbainu/our teacher the Torah in 1,500 BCE, and as such came to fulfill it by being born into the royal House of David, to save and renew Torah inwardly among all Israel (Matt. 5:17-19).

What is fascinating is that the primary meaning and usage of the word shevet, used over 120 times in the First Covenant, means tribe, and not scepter. However in Genesis 49:10 the application is certainly dual. Jacob promises that the rod of rulership shall not turn aside, depart or leave the tribe of Judah UNTIL………………..SHILOH COMES! Both the rod of rule, and the tribe that is allowed to bring forth that rule, WILL ONE DAY DEPART FROM THE TRIBE OF JUDAH! When? When Shiloh comes! The scepter and the tribe that will have the ability to rule Israel, will one day turn, change, and depart from Judah. The Hebrew word for Lawgiver is chakak. The chakak and the associated shevet, will both remain in Judah or will continue to come from between Judah’s legs, (lineage) UNTIL…………………some point in time. What point in time? Until Shiloh comes! Shiloh of course is Messiah. Almost all bible scholars in almost total unanimity have understood Shiloh to mean the sent and Anointed One or the Moshiach. Yahweh through Jacob declares that this call to legislate and teach Torah, as well as establishing halacha/rule over Israel’s people, will come from and will reside in Judah, only UNTIL Shiloh comes. When Shiloh comes, He will turn aside (yasoor) or allow the scepter to depart from Judah. The nations will be obedient to Shiloh during His earthly ministry. He is said to “gather the nations or to cause the nations to be obedient to Him.” With the understanding that Ephraim/Israel, a.k.a the ten tribes, makes up most of the latter-day nations as promised in the melo hagoyim or the “fullness of the gentiles” promise, then Shiloh is prophesied to gather in all of the latter-day nations into one restored community of the ekklesia of Israel. He uses His chakak or His ruling lawgiving authority, to re-gather all of Israel’s lost and wandering sheep.
Until Shiloh Comes

In Hebrew Genesis 49:10 reads as follows: “lo yasoor SHEVET meYahudah oohmeCHAKAK mebein ragala, v AD ki yahvoh Shiloh veloh yechat amim.” If the shevet/scepter and the chakak/lawgiving authority will not depart from Judah UNTIL SHILOH COMES… then Jacob is prophesying that at some point in time, the scepter and the lawgiving authority will depart from the tribe of Judah. It will depart after Shiloh the Sent One comes to gather the latter-day nations into one flock. The key word in Genesis 49:10 is AD. Ad means until. When Shiloh comes, both the scepter and the accompanying lawgiving/kingly leadership authority, both turn aside or away from the tribe of Judah. But where and when did the scepter depart or turn aside from Judah? And who performed this turning aside?

The answer to this important mystery can be found in Deuteronomy 33:20-21. In these verses Moses, prophecies over each of Israel’s tribes in a latter-day context, immediately before his death. In Devarim/Deut. 33:20 it is written:“ Of GAD he said ‘blessed is He who enlarges GAD. He dwells as a LION and shall tear off the arm, ALSO THE CROWN’.” First we see, that the Blessed or Set-Apart One of Israel (Yahshua-Yahweh Himself) will enlarge GAD in the last days, in order to perform an important function. That function is described towards the end of Devarim 33: 20. The tribe of GAD will dwell as a lion or as the Lion over Israel, as he receives the arm of rule torn and removed from the tribe of Judah, thus putting on and wearing the crown or the scepter over all Israel. Notice that it was prophesied by Moses, that the Set-Apart One of Israel, would tear away the arm of salvation, and lawgiving power from Judah by allowing the tribe of GAD to wear the crown of halachik authority over all Israel. GAD is said to put on the crown, as GAD and NOT JUDAH dwells in kingly authority over latter-day Israel, after Shiloh’s first advent. It was Shiloh Himself, who tore away the crown and scepter from Judah, and gave it to GAD.

We find the fulfillment of this tearing away in Matt. 21:43. In Matt. 21:43 Shiloh states, “Because of this, (your unbelief) I say to you the reign (kingdom) of Elohim shall be taken away from you, (Judah or Jewish/Israel) and given to a NATION bringing forth the fruits of it.” The Greek word (ETHNOS Strongs Greek #1484) for NATION in Matt. 21:43, can either be translated nation or tribe. For 2,000 years, the anti-Semitic pagan church system has used this verse to teach that Messiah replaced the Jewish people as the chosen people by building a new separate “Gentile” entity called the “Gentile Church”. They have gotten away with this faulty interpretation by mistranslating ethnos as nation, rather than as tribe. By translating this word using its primary and predominant translation of “tribe”, we see here the marvelous fulfillment of Gen. 49:10, where Shiloh, takes the scepter and chakak away from Judah, and gives it to another tribe within Israel, NOT OUTSIDE OF THE PHYSICAL NATION OF ISRAEL! That tribe as we are about to see, is most definitely GAD. The word ethnos, (Strongs Greek # 1484) in its primary and most used context means “a race from the same habitat, i.e. A TRIBE.” It [ethnos] means pagan or non-Jewish [or Gentile] “USUALLY BY IMPLICATION!” only according to the Strongs definition of the word ethnos. (Abingdon Strongs Exhaustive Concordance p.25 1981 Nashville Tenn.)

So we see that Shiloh/Messiah Yahshua, who wrote Gen. 49:10 and Deuteronomy 33:20-21 through Moses, and knew exactly what His earthly responsibilities were to be, fulfilled the promise by allowing the scepter and the lawgiving authority to "turn aside” or “depart” from Judah to Gad not from Judah TO THE CHURCH!!!!!!The very same verse that has been used to build, teach and fuel the demonic “Replacement Theology” or “New Spiritual Israel” doctrine, is the very one that in its primary and most often used context teaches just the opposite. It teaches that the scepter and the lawgiver ARE STILL SEATED AND DWELLING IN THE NATION OF 12 TRIBE PHYSICAL ISRAEL, and has never been removed from the 12 tribes of physical Israel (Hebrews 13:8, Malachi 3:6). It has merely been transferred from one tribe to another, just as the priesthood was not taken out of the 12 tribes of physical Israel but merely transferred from the Levitical order to the Melchezedekian order, (Levi to Judah) all the while leaving the tribe of Levi intact but with a different function. To further cement this understanding, notice that Matt. 21:43 must be understood only in the context of Matt. 21:28-43, which are the preceding verses. In order to fully and properly comprehend Matt. 21:43, it must be read in its proper context. In its proper context, we see that the parable speaks of Yahweh’s two existing First Covenant sons, Jewish/Israel and the non-Jewish/ 10 tribes of Israel or Judah and Ephraim, who are both physical sons. The taking away of the scepter from Judah or son number two, to son number one, (Ephraim) is merely the enacting of the promised departure of the scepter from ONE SIDE OF THE SAME PHYSICAL FAMILY OF ISRAEL, TO ANOTHER. THIS TRANSFER BY MESSIAH IS NOT FROM THE JEWS TO THE SO-CALLED “CHURCH” IN ORDER TO ESTABLISH A FALLACIOUS NEW SEPERTAE ENTITY KNOWN AS THE “NEW SPIRITUAL ISRAEL!”
Tribal Shift

Yahweh was dealing with family business, and kept the promise of the shifted scepter, within the family of Israel. He did this by sending His only begotten Son to officially institute the transfer from son number two, to son number one, (Matt. 21:43) and make sure that both the scepter and the accompanying lawgiving authority WOULD NEVER LEAVE THE NATION OF ISRAEL. Yahshua/Shiloh Himself, was not replacing the Jews with something manmade called the “Gentile Church.” He was fulfilling all Torah, and all righteousness by enacting and then closing the transfer from one tribe to another, all WITHIN THE NATION OF THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL. REMEMBER THIS MAN (ABBA-YAHWEH) ALREADY HAD 2 SONS BEFORE GOLGOTHA. The Strongs definition of the word ethnos is most telling. The word ethnos does not mean a “pagan-Gentile non-Jewish nation” as is taught in most seminaries and in many modern forms of Judaism. Rather it means in its primary meaning “another tribe from the same race or same habitat.” Now we understand just what Yahshua or Shiloh was doing! He left Jewish/Israel intact as His people but did remove their special calling to lead Renewed Covenant Israel due to their disobedience and unrighteous dealings. This clear latter-day understanding, frees all Messianic Nazarene Yisraelites and true Messianic followers of Shiloh Yahshua, to forsake the call from Messianic Judaism that teaches that believers in Messiah must follow the unsaved Jewish rabbis, since after all “they sit in Moses Seat”, even if they hate our Messiah, and even if according to scripture they cannot please the Father Yahweh, (John 5:23) if they hate His Son. Not only does Yahshua tell us and warn us not to follow the unregenerate rabbis in Matt. 23, (see part 13 in this series entitled: Moses Seat And Messianic Nazarene Yisrael at for a proper understanding) He confirms this in Matt. 21:43, by fulfilling the prophetic pronouncement of Gen. 49:10 by successfully transferring the scepter from Judah to Gad.
Hidden And Seated In Gad

In order to transfer the scepter from Judah to Gad, Yahweh promises to enlarge Gad in the last days (Deut. 33:21). Gad means a large numerous overcoming [Israelite] troop of peoples. We see in Genesis 49:10 that Shiloh or Messiah, would gather in all the latter-day nations, (mostly scattered Ephraimites) and by this ingathering would enlarge the tribe of Gad. It is most safe to say that based on this promise, as well as the promise of physical multiplicity given to the tribe of Levi found in Jeremiah 33, that most (not all) Ephraimites today are Gadites, since Gad has been greatly multiplied within those of Ephraim/Israel, and that most (not all) Jews today are from Levi, since Yahweh promised to multiply Levi within the House of Judah.

In Deuteronomy 33:21 it is written “And he [Gad] chose [provided] the best for himself, for there the portion of the lawgiver WAS HIDDEN!” Gad greatly enlarged to accommodate returning Israel from the nations, is prophesied to have restored to him through divine provision, the “BEST PORTION” [OF ALL OF ISRAEL’S TRIBAL BLESSINGS]. What was the “best of the best” that Jacob distributed to his 12 sons? Of course! It was the kingly, ruling authority to not only lead Israel but also to establish the halacha in order to instruct the nation of Israel within the future Torah guidelines of Yahweh’s rulings. Gad received this portion previously belonging to Judah, as Yahshua enacted the transfer within the family of Israel, (NEVER REMOVING IT AWAY FROM THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL) by providing Gad with the best and most blessed calling or portion. That portion gave Gad the crown and the Lion's portion, to establish binding and loosing authority over all of re-gathered Israel by receiving the “Lawgivers Portion.”

The word used here in Deut 33:21 for lawgiver is again Strongs Hebrew #2710 chakak, the exact same word used for lawgiver in Genesis 49:10, when it was still found in the tribe of Judah. Same exact word, and the same exact authority, that now resides in enlarged overcoming latter-day Gad. Then further on in Deut. 33:21 we read, “For there [tribe of Gad] the chakak was hidden.” The Hebrew word for hidden is saphoon, (Strongs Hebrew #5603). Saphoon means hidden, covered, concealed, seated, or reserved. Any one of these definitions makes the same statement. What Shiloh did when He came, was take the scepter, (shevet) and the chakak, (lawgiving authority) and saphoon ed it or hid it, within the tribe of Gad. Since no one knows yet who Gad is, and since Gad is hidden in the House of believing Ephraim/ Israel, this prophecy has been fully brought to pass. The scepter was transferred from Judah to Gad, and then hidden in Gad for safekeeping, who in turn remains hidden in believing Torah honoring and trusting Ephraim. No one knows for sure where the scepter is, since no one knows for sure who Gad is within the believing Ephraimite remnant. What we do know is that the transfer has been finished and brought to pass and that it remains hidden among us.

Yahweh allowed the transfer of the sehevt and the chakak from Judah to Gad for several key reasons. First we see the main reason at the end of Deut./Devarim 33:21:“And he [Gad] came with the heads of the people [all Yisrael].” When Gad is established by Yahshua/Shiloh to lead Israel in the last days, he does so by allowing ALL YISRAEL, not just identifiable Jewish/Israel, to come to Yahweh and to Torah. Gad as part of returning Torah honoring Ephraim does not separate the people of Renewed Covenant Israel into Jews and Gentiles or members and associate members, as did the House of Judah, [in various forms] when they carried the scepter. Gad is said to show no partiality or favoritism, as he [Gad] allows ALL THE CHIEFS or priests of Yahshua to come to Yahweh, Torah and its blessings. Gad does not tell non-Jewish believers that Torah is not for their part of the family or that Torah obedience is just for Jewish believers. Rather they [Gad] come and show up together with all 12 tribes of returning Israel, [the ekklesia] ready to perform Yahweh’s will. By telling returning Ephraim that only Jews can carry or “know how” to carry the burden of Torah, prideful Judah often withholds the blessings of obedience found in the Torah, leaving poor Ephraim with nothing left but to inherit the curses for being disobedient to the Torah, as non-doers of the Torah.

The historic church system, [self-proclaimed “Spiritual Israel”] of the last 2,000 years cannot be Gad for the following reasons: First they came to Yahweh in lawlessness, even boasting in their lawlessness. This is strictly forbidden by Messiah Yahshua in Matt. 7:21-23. Second, they did not and still for the most part do not see their identity as Israelites. Why then, would they call other Israelites to return to Zion, when they themselves think that they are a dry tree, separated from the historic people of physical Israel (Isaiah 56:1-8)? So the latter-day prophecy of the enlarged people of Torah honoring Gad, must be a remnant people meeting the most basic qualifications as Israelites, whose heritage, (physical and spiritual) and connections to their Jewish/Israelite brethren, has been quickened by the Ruach/Spirit, along with an accompanying zeal to perform Torah, as the manifestation of their love for ISRAEL’S Messiah. These certainly are not characteristics of the historic manmade church system! Gad is also characterized by those who have been quickened to their identity, and have left the errors of both the modern church and synagogue systems, having heard the call to come out first as a prerequisite to being established as “His people (Rev. 18:4)”

The end of Deuteronomy 33:21 is also revealing. “The righteousness of Yahweh he [Gad] did, and His right rulings with Yisrael.” Gad has been enlarged to receive returning Israel, and in the latter times shows up with all 12 tribes (chiefs) ready to teach and perform righteousness, (mitzvahs of Torah) and teach the chukim/right rulings of the fathers. Gad does not and will not teach the former outcasts of Israel, their own privately interpreted halacha (2nd Kepha/Peter 1:20-21). Rather they are a cleansed people, who teach all the chiefs of Israel ONLY Yahweh’s Torah, and His right rulings through Shiloh. They are the ones calling all in returning Israel to be doers of Torah, and not hearers only.

So Shiloh came and performed the Father’s will by allowing the scepter to depart or turn aside from one tribe of Israel to another, knowing that the House of Israel, [mostly Gad] would allow all Israel escaped form the kirch system, to have equal access to the mitzvoth/deeds and the chukim/right rulings of Torah. Gad is teaching Messiah's Torah, His blood atonement, and Torah instructions. They do not teach a mixture/shatnetz of Torah, and manmade Oral Torah along with manmade halachik rulings, as did much of Judah, when Judah had the scepter. Judah perverted Torah, and then did not allow those having escaped the nations, a full and complete access to those same blessings of Torah obedience and performance. Judah has often in the past, and continues to often perpetuate the long division in Israel by allowing Yahweh’s people to be divided in to Jew and Gentile, and by imposing manmade halacha upon those who would try to draw near to Judah for instruction (Today unbelieving Judah has many manmade conversion processes, that not only discourage would be Israelites from simply joining Israel but many of these conversion programs take up to 3 years, accompanied of course by fess to be paid for the process. Alarmingly rather than accept returning Ephraim back to the fold, Messianic Judaism has begun to follow suit as well, with their own conversion programs. Those who understand the 2-house truth, would never again allow themselves to be subjected to the stringent legalistic and unbiblical conversion requirements found in most forms of modern Judaism, since they became Israel biblically by simply following the three simple biblical/Torah requirements of Exodus/Shemot 12).

For these and many other reasons, Yahweh saw fit through His Son, to transfer the scepter/shevet and the chakak within Israel. He never removed it from physical Israel, since to do so would not fulfill prophecy, and would give credence to the replacement theologians, and their warped dispensational creeds as found in their “New Spiritual Israel” [kirch] theology, based upon either Maternal Popery or Reformed Romanism.
No Room For Pride

A main reason why the scepter and the lawgiving are hidden in Gad is to avoid pride and arrogance from springing up in Israel’s prophesied end time restoration. Since you and I do not know if we are from Gad, then we cannot exercise prideful dominion and domination over another part of our family. We cannot demand their allegiance to our ways, and to our opinions and interpretations of Torah, for we do not know if we are Gad, Asher, Naphtali or some other tribe. Thus no place is found for prideful arrogance, and the resulting suppression of our brethren by “pulling rank!” Surely Yahweh has saphoon ed the scepter in Gad, and then concealed and seated Gad within believing Ephraim, and no one knows where the scepter is, except to know that Shiloh Himself has transferred it within the family. This understanding sheds new light on several key areas. By transferring the shevet/scepter back to the House of Ephraim/Israel, it forces believing Ephraimites to re-learn true written Torah, so as to bring all Israel back to Yahweh’s own chukim/rulings and mishpatim/judgements and not to Mishna, [rabbinical Torah commentary] and Gemora [rabbinical commentary on the Mishna]. Further it reunites and restores firstborn Ephraim back to his bachor blessing by giving him the authority taken from him back in Genesis 49:10. Messiah Yahshua actually placed the scepter and concealed it in the tribe of Gad, the main part of latter-day believing Ephraim. Today believing Ephraim through Shiloh’s actions, has had the true authority and power of the firstborn blessing restored to him (Hebrews 12:23). This makes perfect sense, in light of this current age of the “restoration of all things” (Acts 3:21).
Power Of Agreement

Finally this gives us a true and insightful understanding of Messiah’s pronouncement found in Matthew 16:18-19. Here Messiah Yahshua establishes the ekklesia of Renewed Covenant Israel, as the ONLY body that has the ability to legislate (the chakak) to all Israel by granting the ekklesia the very authority to “bind and loose” both on earth and in heaven. The authority to “bind and loose” is not as is commonly taught in Babylonian churches, the ability to bite s.a.tan’s tail off in prayer. Rather it is the very authority that resided exclusively in Judah until Shiloh came to earth, and now resides corporately in the ekklesia, which is made up mostly of those from Gad, and is the fullness, (full authority) of Him who fills all in all (Ephesians 1:23). Since no one knows for sure who Gad is, the scepter remains hidden within Gad, and we need each other in order to establish biblical halacha. You may be from Gad. I may be from Judah and Gad. Your best friend may be from Gad. We do not know with certainty who is, and who is not from the tribe of Gad. What we do know is that the scepter is in Gad today. Therefore Yahshua/Shiloh commands us to always COME TOGETHER INTO AGREEMENT THROUGH PRAYER, in order to bind and loose, [forbid and permit] judgements and rulings in the resorted community of Renewed Covenant Israel. Since you may be from Gad, in order for me to tap into that authority residing and concealed in Gad, I must come into agreement with you, and you with me. We come together in agreement, since we have the authority “somewhere” among us, and yet no one in and of themselves has that authority, for we do not know for sure who Gad is. This stroke of divine genius, disallows any room for tribal or racial pride, since none of us can subject or subjugate a brother or sister based on definitely being from the tribe with the scepter, since unlike days gone by, (when visible Judah held the shevet) we cannot be sure that we are of Gad. So in this manner, Yahshua ends all prideful tribal and racial arrogance, by calling all believers into unity, in order to tap into the power of the scepter concealed and seated in Gad. In this manner, He has restored believing Ephraim’s removed blessing of the mishpat bachor.
Keys Of The Kingdom

The keys of the kingdom were given to Kepha, (possibly from the very tribe of Gad-Matt. 16:19) and through him to the entire ekklesia. Therefore all the ekklesia shares in the blessing of having the keys of the kingdom among us, rather than with one visible exclusive tribe. The scepter is hidden in Gad, and Gad is seated in the ekklesia, and the ekklesia is seated in kingly halachik authority, all by the divine plan of Yahweh. We (Israel) hold the keys, and Yahshua knew that the keys He was giving the ekklesia would be a form of power sharing, yet all the while not negating the promises to Gad.

In this restored remnant ekklesia, it seems we find the correct understanding of Numbers/Bamidbar 24:17, where the Messiah, the Star of Bethlehem, is said to rise up out of Jacob, along with His placing of the scepter in Israel. This placing of the scepter/shevet in Israel in order to destroy Israel’s traditional enemies, is seen in this clear latter-day context, as Balaam prophecies that the scepter of Israel is “not near”, (while in Judah) but “far” (in latter-day Gad). When in latter-day Gad, the enlarged troop of returning Ephraim will be reunited with Judah, and then together will be ready to destroy Israel’s historic enemies (Obadiah 17-18).

This issue is the key to understanding much of Israel’s restoration. This prophecy of the scepter/shevet and the chakak departing Judah when Shiloh comes cannot possibly be fulfilled at His second coming. Why? Because if the scepter remains in Judah as Messianic Judaism and Rabbinical Judaism both incorrectly teach, then when is it transferred and when does it become hidden? At the second coming, we all know that Messiah Yahshua takes the scepter back into Judah PERMANENTLY AND FOREVER, as He rules as the King of Judah from the Throne of David in Jerusalem. Thus at the second coming, Judah again receives the scepter back from Gad. If the scepter is still in the now apostate Seat of Moses, as many so desperately want you to believe, (to make an open show of their flesh so that they can keep you in perpetual bondage to manmade halacha) then when does the scepter get transferred and hidden/concealed in Gad? By chronological definition and logic the departure and transfer of the scepter/lawgiving power from Judah to Gad, had to take place between comings. If the scepter remains openly in Judah until Yahshua returns, (as many teach) when, where, and how does that scenario allow any time for its shifting and temporal concealment in Gad?
Truth Is Truth

The truth is the truth, no matter how new, mysterious or uncomfortable it may make us. And the truth for the true Messianic Torah believer is that you and I have the keys, and the keys are symbolic of the authority to bind and loose or lead all the chiefs of Israel in right rulings and Torah understanding. Are you prepared for your role? Will you walk in that authority as you come into agreement with your brethren to lead all Israel, in Israel’s end time restoration? Will you accept the revelation of the mysterious hidden scepter seated and concealed in Gad? Or will you allow others to lead you. They themselves are blind powerless guides, who will lead all who still believe that the scepter never departed from Judah at Shiloh’s first coming, into an eternal ditch of feel-good “wannabe Jewish?” manmade conversions. If the scepter has not transferred from Judah to Gad, then Shiloh has not yet come, and if Shiloh has not yet come, then Yahshua cannot be the Moshiach, and if Yahshua is not Moshiach, you and I are of all men most miserable, and we are most surely yet to be found dead in our sins, (1st Corinthians 15:17) by Abba Yahweh.

The choice is yours. The scepter is in the remnant Torah quickened part of the ekklesia, as the ekklesia hears her call to return to the historic people of physical Israel. The scepter is no longer in unregenerate Judah nor is it in a manmade separate entity called the “Gentile Church” that falsely claims to carry the scepter. It is right where Messiah promised it would be…. hidden in the tribe of enlarged Gad! This revealed truth is near you and among you, and even in your hearts O Yisrael. Hear/Shema Oh Yisrael, and believe the Good News of your salvation, and your authority as the royal priesthood of your Father Abba-Yahweh. Our Moshiach Yahshua, who alone is the source of the Spirit of latter-day prophecy, has revealed the mystery of the concealed scepter to you this very day! Rejoice all ye people!


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As Sephardic Jews of the house of IsraEL,and Moderators of shekinahLife and in order to keep the Shalom... We do not endorse Paganism of any sort. so lets keep it in line with historical truth..and we thank you in advance....