Arise and Shine

Be ye steadfast and unmovable, always abounding in the work of YAHweh… Wait on YAHWEH, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: Wait, I say, on YAHWEH.

YAHweh is calling His teachers higher to sit at HIS feet and Re-learn, or as I perceive it, to turn over every rock of understanding and receive a greater depth on the other side... Deep calleth unto Deep" For there are many truth s in the world.

MOREOVER, HIS is the ONLY TRUTH to Obey. YAH'shua is killed for the violations [sins] of the people.... That being an absolute…

Why today, so much blatant disrespect, rebellion and ignorance to Biblical mandates?

Simply let us look at one issue, the set apart day it was so from the beginning it has never changed.

Prophets and Even Shual Stated He is the Same/never changes [Hebrews 13:8] The Third King of Y'IsraEL stated there is NOTHING NEW under the sun.

We are to rest on the Set-Apart day, yet most people Because of Church Standards handed down from Rome say it is Biblical to worship on SUN-DAY.

This Violates the Tennants of YAHweh .

Theirfore I see disrespect primarily to the Covenant feasts, festivals and times of YAHweh and eventual Perishing of those who intentionally lead others astray.

Following Sun Worship /Paganism is not what the Master intended.

Luckily He is Long Suffering".

However, that does not vindicate staunch rebellion.

So the next time you see people dressing Up to go to "Church" on Sun-Day' you might mention something to this effect...

We are accountable More so as teacher than those who are led as innocent Goats.... There is to be a separation of the goats from the goats, and the Sheep [the highly-Elect] from the sheep [the Elect]...This is that time...Amos the Navi spoke of it coming...

So simply here is the basis of the Atonement’ in a quick note:

Leviticus 16:1-22 The innocent goat that dies for the transgressions of Y’IsraEL This dates back to a picture of Abel, who gave a More excellent burnt offering, a offering the Master had done first at the beginning to redeem the first Human known as Adam...and Ahavah the Mother of all living humans…from their transgression of “Forbidden fruit” it is universally told.

As you see the guilty goat [Cain]/[Barrabas] represents the one who continually bears his own sin…and is CAST OUT as a wanderer, who never gets out of the wilderness… Never crosses over into the Covenant Promise.

He forever Stays a Goyiim /Gentile, and never bears the Name Y’IsraEL.

Never, to become a SON” of YAHweh.

NEVER, choosing the Atonement of YAHshua as LAMB, based upon the TORAH truth of ALL the Covenant.

This all culminates with YAH’shua being impaled for the transgressions or Torah violations [Sins] of the people Y’IsraEL [Ya’acobs -sons] while Barrabas is set free.

This is the Main focus of Yom Kippur...YAH'shua stated “Father YHVH forgive them, they know not what they do” [this statement covers the transgressions known and unknown].

Messiah states a final word of Wholeness to the Nation He wept over.

This is the Kapher’ for the TORAH violations committed unknowingly, and unintentionally by the nation of Y’IsraEL.

The simple meaning of Kapher’ is Covering.

Like in the Covering of the ARK Mr. Tynedale, known for his Biblical translations in the 1500s just before his execution by the Imperial church of ROME had made up the word Atonement’ attempting to translate the covering upon the ARK from Syriac Aramaic to English.

YAH’ asked Cain’ what had he done. Cain could see no wrong.

Many of us even in our Esteemed Christology never see the wrong.

We follow as sheep to the slaughter. Very few really read and Meditate Line upon Line Truth upon Truth.

Un-Knowingly our flesh covers us with shame and guilt and until a man can look upon ‘KedoshYisroel’ the Holy ONE of Y’IsraEL, we never see it… As Kepha did, stating do not look upon me…I am UN-Done.

Seriously we need to take a deeper look past the Fabrications and Deceit of well meaning men and see the real Torah truth for what it is, the Basis of all Truth.

A Truth in the DeepWell of HIS’ Ahavah.

Friend, I cannot tell you enough of the depths, I have gone into the well of truth to bring you this short message.

We cannot enter in to the Kadosh Ha’kadoshim [the Holie of Holies] without it.

Personally after decades of studying the scrolls of Adonai" and commanded to eat them as Ezekiel tasting the Sweet honey therein, I truly see the Value of Messiah to a dying humanity.

The Lamb, the Birth, the Walk, the Burnt offering for all those who come into allegiance to YAHwehs covenant truth this is why YAH’shua was spared until Shavout.

A way, a truth, an abundant life like no other.IN YAHweh.

Moreover, It is time to turn over the Rock of Division and find HIM in the Full Stature of the MAN,.. the Lamb the ONENESS of a servant His Master and the Torah Truth, The Shekinah Light of YAH" guiding the way. Forever and a day.

Shalom Aleichem.Rabboni Ya’aKov bin Adonai’

YAHWEH bless thee, and keep thee: YAHWEH make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: YAHWEH lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

And they shall put My name upon the children of Yisrael; and I will bless them.



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Comment by James and Terry Hamilton on September 9, 2008 at 4:50am
Be Ye Meshed together as ONE~~~No Distractions~~~as I' and My Father are ONE"
Comment by James and Terry Hamilton on September 9, 2008 at 4:48am
Be ye Meshed together with Him as ONE

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