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Anyone who is interested in health, nutrition and general well being~enjoy your journey with Refuah at ShekinahLife

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May Ha'Shem bring you Health and Healing through your obedience

The Slow Poisoning of Mankind A Report on the Toxic Effects of the Food Additive
Monosodium Glutamate
Presented by John Erb
of Canada
to the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee
On Food Additives

August 2006

TerryThis site is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice of any kind.

My dear friend, start here and find out the secrets or the simple steps to a healthy lifestyle.

Really it is not so hard you cannot do it.

Today make a conscious, determined decision to be healthy. Learn how to make intelligent educated decisions about your food intake.

Feel clean, healthy, energized, and pure once again.

Reclaim your mind and body as it was intended to be.

Ready?...The Big Question...How much of the food you ate today was cooked, sugared, salted, spiced, dyed, preserved and or heavily processed in some way?

How many un-processed, raw fruits and vegetables did you eat in comparison?

Your level of health will directly reflect this in proportion to the cooked and commercially processed foods to that of the unrefined, uncooked foods.

The more raw fruits and vegetables (seeds and nuts) you eat the more fit and healthy you will be.

Enjoy your journey...Shalom Aleichem...

Check your BMI here

DISCLAIMER: I am not an MD, However, I have been in the pharmacy industry for 15 plus years and observe many afflicted people daily...Drugs in my opinion are NOT the answer.

The information in this blog material medically has not been reviewed by the FDA, or any agencies not specifically named,who feel' they have a right to that opinion'..and as such should not be taken as medical advice or medical fact.

However we do share as a group,.. tips and personal or holistic ideas that have proven to be beneficial one to another.

"Ahavah at its Finest One to Another'

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