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I believe it was a great Navi who was told,,better...commanded by YHVH to Eat the Scroll...

With all it has in flavor, revalation and insight to our very humanity...yes eat it with glee.truly it is life forever and a day. It is the very next breath of living. It is the ShekinahLife unlocked from within. It is the servant to Ha'Shem who eats the daily scroll of Chayim (life)

BTW if your a christian type or interested in leaning in that direction,[ Do not know why you would at this point]...however,this page of biblical teaching is just what you need. 
This may help in the understanding somewhat;

Personally I teach the historical version of the scriptures...that generally does not get people emotional enough to give much...jump or shout~but then we serve HaShem in Charity from one to another, in the community in which we live. Not to an institution~.
The walk is truly one of eating the scroll.
Today people enjoy many flavors of teachings of differing demonations, all saying they have the right messiah and his teachings.  well over twenty three thousand groups globally all saying they are the right Jesus.
There is only one way to G-d,(YHVH) to seek HaShem out for yourself through brokenness and awesome understanding.It really is a heart issue, we must get our arrogant humanity out of the way and preconceived traditions....before the greater shekinahlife can come forth IMHO.
Only the Torah is the correct path..and if your connected to the sages of Israel or a local synagogue..then perhaps there is a time for a greater ruling on a matter, but for the most part the study of Torah is to have a man be Meshed as one with the Divine word instead of just walk a life as a dog, ignorant and wanting.
As to this Venerated man who many follow; Simply the man was a Jew Rabbi at best case scenario a Tzaddik of his generation.Learned form what appears to be the teachings of Hillel for the most part or total plagiarism...that would be a revealing...and to those who cannot comprerhend that simply I would say to hate the Jew, or Mock our heritage is to hate your Jesus/yehoshua /Yeshua or whatever flavor the sacred-namers prefer this week]~~

Simply; If the Historical archives in the library of the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem...state that the Virgin birth is a fabricated lie based upon a first century Hellenist doctrine that the gods could get a woman pregnant.. Like, who am I to Argue;: after all it is the story of Hellenist Rome theology, Not the founding Torah truth, the ketubah to all mankind.
The Romans may have accepted the Torah but have done nothing to enhance it. More-so, I think they have spent a great deal of time and bloodshed to hide the lie that the document is antisemitic and needs to be rewritten IMHO spitting out that which is not a misconstruction with the assistance of Rabbinic/Hasidic council.
If the Imperial church of Rome historians see the same inconsistencies to the Linage and it too is misaligned, and not congruent with Torah truth;... then yes again who am I to argue...

After more than four decades at the Masters feet ; Sadly at the end of the day the teaching of your Rabbi is a misconstruction, and that is being very kind:
Our Father prayer one of those Xian biggies along with the sermon on the mount- [which is nothing more than simple or superficial version of a Jewish community housekeeping message] flat out Plagiarism of the One attributed to Rav. Hillel the Elder of Israel way before Yeshua taught it.( Read Pirkei Avos)...among other supporting documents. And the Temple destruction prophesy is from Hillel historically, even the Historian Josephus wrote only two paragraphs regarding this man...and historically the version given to the christians are not the historically correct ones used in 'Wars of the Jews...etc[citation needed]

This hopefully may help someone:~~~Shalom to one and all May the Father of light show you His shekinahLife  as you eat the Scroll of Chayim/life.

Above all;...enjoy your journey:"J&T" Join the ShekinahLife Revolution


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Tzedakah - Charity "Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh." ="All YIsrael is responsible for one another." (Talmud Shavuot 39a)


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