Arise and Shine

Rain prayer, proclamation - ends with Shofar blast.
WE felt directed to film from a high point [Mckenzie ridge] overlooking Dunlap, California.

Our correction comes with Unity and underlying humility ..
WE the people need to bow from our waring ways and rely on nature to show us how to live-integrate share and care or nature may soon correct us...
HaShem states I am the g-d of war and the G-d of choose this day!!!

As for us: it is written.."as for me and my house",... WE follow the Creator for He is good and benevolent- everyday.

As it is written; it is the conduct of the good to do good"
~~~~He does,..WE try.

WE are a Sephardi family follow the festivals and mitzvot .
Following Torah and mitzvot(commandments) with good intentions and also a great desire to see this area ( shown in the video) grow educationally with a spiritual comprehension, unequaled.
Well, perhaps when the wherewithal come in :)

Visit Dunlap California.. just few miles west of the kings canyon national park entrance.
Above all,. enjoy your journey James and Terry

Location: dunlap,


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Comment by James and Terry Hamilton on November 15, 2014 at 8:28am

Well the rain has come upon the just and the unrighteous -all the same it seems . . .

We are serious about your spiritual/physical health & well being~~~

Thank you for joining and adding value to the quest of the meaning of life/chayim
~Shalom/Welcome to SHEKINAH~LIFE'¬  Your hosts Jim and Terry Hamilton

As The Zohar itself proclaims: "Woe unto those who see in the Law nothing but simple narratives and ordinary words .... Every word of the Law contains an elevated sense and a sublime mystery .... The narratives of the Law are but the raiment within which it is swathed."

Shalom to one and all/.....Your host:
Jim and Terry (mobile)\

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