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At 12:28am on May 22, 2010, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Shabbat Shalom to you too. Shabbat Shalom Lecha Dodi !!!
At 9:19pm on May 12, 2010, James and Terry Hamilton said…
At 10:15pm on December 14, 2009, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Tzedakah would always help, even though almost everyone is in need of Tzedakah themselves in these times. My oldest daughter just lost her home to foreclosure, and there was not one thing I could do to help her. My oldest son has 4 children, and he is literally running around in rags. My youngest daughter has been doing everything possible to find a job. When she shows up for interviews, there are hundreds of people standing in line all after the same job. I'm still living in a mold infested rundown old house that is about to kill us, paying two mortgages a month on it, when it is not worth even the amount of one mortgage alone, and we don't even have enough money to walk out of it to give it back to the bank, because we would not have enough to get into another place to live, and would never be able to get another mortgage if our present house ever foreclosed especially with two outstanding morthages. Tzedakah is wonderful except when when there is nothing to give it with. Four out of 5 of my children are on food stamps and medicaid, but thank G-d for food stamps because they feed all of us. Government welfare doesn't pay for dental or eye care, and all of us are running around with rotten crumbling teeth, and nearly blind. My reading glasses comes from the Dollar Store. We have no running water in our house, and every kitchen appliance is broken. We have been cooking off of a hotplate and a microwave that came from Goodwill to feed a household of 8, and we have no heat in the house. Only miracles have helped us to survive. raise the G-d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, for miracles.
At 9:10am on December 14, 2009, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Happy Hanukkah, or Chanukah, which ever you like the best. I hope your Feast Days are going well. It's really hard work to get everything done. Are you doing a winter garden too, or is it too cold and snowy where you are? I've been wishing for a green house for a very long time, but if I had one, I'd have to get an extra freezer too. If I had a flat roof, I'd try to put a green house on the roof, but then I'd need stairs to get up there. But, I suppose, a lot of things would be possible if I had money. The root of all evil is love of money, but it sure is a dream stopper not having it....Shalom !
At 12:07pm on September 28, 2009, Hadassah Terry said…
At 5:52am on April 4, 2009, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…

Three Little Chicks
At 9:05pm on February 10, 2009, Kuf Mem said…
ROFL... beat 'cha to the punch?!?
At 12:11am on February 5, 2009, Yahaloma said…
LOL. Thanks. I am trying to update all my site. Pray for me. LOL.
At 6:49am on January 31, 2009, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Thank you for the nice eagle greeting. You would not believe the huge part that eagles have played in my life. The eagles and I must fly in the same circles. Years ago when I first put my grandson in school there was an eagle for the school emblem, and the dress code required that emblem to be on all of the uniforms. He went to school there as long as that school stayed open which was for 8 years. My husband wears a gold eagle around his neck and collects anything with the eagle symbol on it. Some friends chose eagles for their ministry emblem, and they are the same ones that will also be going to the Hopi lands when the time comes. If we could have moved already, we would have been near neighbors to them. When I see the eagle fly, I know that I'm going in the right direction.
At 7:57pm on January 23, 2009, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Thanks for the beautiful Shabbat greeting! Have a great day of rest and Shabbat Shalom to you too!!!
At 3:46am on January 5, 2009, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
I put 2 "Dubai - Miracle or Mirage? - UPDATES in Totalaterian Agenda, one this week end and one last week and now I can't find either one, and it keeps telling me "sorry, no results for your search." I lost them! And, I have never been this sick. The infection in my lungs, ears, and sinuses are the worst I have ever had, and I have been through some doozies of infections before. I'm still able to get some air sometimes. I tried a natural antibiotic called Mastic Gum Extract. I just wasn't taking enough. Now I tried 8 pills at a time, and it is helping the infection. I can't keep my eyes open from the sinus infection, which is a real inconvenience, and I can only stay setting up for very short periods, & I've been going in and out of delirium. That's sort of interesting because I'm seeing and hearing things like a dream but more detailed, and it's really interesting stuff, especially about the part of the international espionage, and trying to get the codes for the antidote. But I haven't been on anymore of those trips since I upped the dosage of the antibiotics. And there was not a place on my body that was not racked with pain from the multiple infection sights, but I'm noticing that there are a few places now that doesn't hurt when I touch them. There are places that hurt even if I don't tough them, but those were already there. I know that you liked the Dubai stories, and I'm sorry that I lost them. I know that I really did add them, and it was not just a delirium episode. Sorry!
At 2:56pm on January 1, 2009, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Hi Guys, I'm in business again! Today my daughter wanted me to take her to Subway's. I did not want to drag myself out of bed for anything. But I did, and when she got out of the car, she made a wrong turn, walked into Radio Shack, and came out with a half price day travel, retractable cord mouse. She handed it to me, and then went to Subway's. Thank G-d ! For now, I think I'm going to go back to bed for a while at least, and then start working again later. Oh, my handicapped kids got a social security raise. That's a really good thing, because the more that they get, the less out of pocket expenses that I will have to buy for them. That was good news. Thank G-d again!
At 4:35am on January 1, 2009, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Hi Guys, Happy New Year !!! So far my new year has been a little too interesting. At the stroke of midnight for the 2009 new year, my wonderful little paw printed mouse's light turned off, and had a peaceful death in my hands. My poor beloved little mouse! I was right in the middle of a very good story compilation that I managed to drag and drop by little increments into a "word" program, so that I will not loose what I have so far. But by the time I ever get back to it, it will not be news anymore. The story was so interesting that I did not want to loose it anyhow. I could not get the video codes to drag and drop out of those little YouTube code boxes, but it was not from the lack of trying. I did manage to get another story in without videos on the Gaza truce, but only the links for videos and photos. I've been really very sick again, and we did not get to go visit relatives even to get out of the mold for a little while. The weather turned out bad, so we did not want to travel in it with the grandkids. None of us travel well anyhow. My husband is 61 and has a bum leg from a motor cycle accident that took 2 years of recovery just to be able to walk again, but that leg has never been well again. I should say that the leg does not travel well.
I finally found your address again, after the Christmas Holiday. I was going to try to beat the deadline for the toys, but just send a little money (very little), in the snail mail, and I could not remember where I wrote down your home address. Two days later when I was not looking for it, then I found it. I feel like I'm mentally handicapped like my grown handicapped children, because this toxic mold has wrecked havock with my memory, and thought processes. I've been repeating where your address is at over and over, and I hope that will help me remember now. I went to look for the money that I had set aside for the toy drive the day before yesterday, and it was missing and all that I had was missing. In just a little while I got a call from my grandson, and he said that he and his friends walked over to Peter Piper's Pizza. I told him that was a very strange thing to do if he did not have any money. He did say that I told him he could have a few bucks, and I did tell him that, but he took all that I had instead. I asked him if he had any change back, and he didn't, because he spent it all. He asked if I would come to pick him up and a few of his friends to take to their homes too. I asked it they ate his pizza too, and they had. Then I asked how everyone got there. They all walked. So I told them since they were all full of pizza now that I had to pay for, that they could just all walk home too. My grandson had me on speaker phone. There
was a lot of oooohhhh's going around, because I usually do take them home, but no one argued, and they all got home safe, and had a chance to walk off the extra calories of the pizza, as if those skinny little kids even thought about stuff like that. When I do get money now, I'm going to have to hide it. The only problem with that is my memory, and if I make a note to remind myself where I hid it, my grandson could find the note too. Years ago ladies would sew pockets to undergarments to hide their money. I may have to resort to that if I can't remember where I hide things from the kids. I haven't been able to remember where I put the things that I don't hide. I keep telling myself that my memory will improve again, and that it is only a temporary inconvenience like being pregnant. I had some pyroglutamic acid before that is suppose to help with brain damage from lack of oxygen. If I can find it again, I may just see if it works on brain damage from toxins too. It couldn't do any harm. Oh, look at that! I remembered that name! I've been trying to remember the name of that brain fixer for a couple of weeks, and there it is, and it just popped up when I wasn't expecting it. Well, thank you, G-d ! I really appreciate that ! Now I'll know what I'm looking for when I do find it again. I'm going to go celebrate. I'm having a cookie, want one too? It's a macaroon. See you guys later. Think happy thoughts !
At 2:04pm on December 19, 2008, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Thank you for the most beautiful flower, my most favorite color of flower. I love it ! Shabbat Shalom !!!
At 12:50pm on December 13, 2008, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Hi Guys, thanks for the beautiful rose. Pink is my favorite color of flowers, which makes no sense, because my favorite color is blue, and my favorite color combination is blue, white, chrome/silver, and crystal clear, but I love pink flowers, or white, or a combination. Anything new going on? I felt a little better for a couple of days, then my lungs got all clogged up again. My son helped me to open a window up & stick a fan in it to draw in clean air, which is much better than breathing full strength mold. For a couple of days it really helped, especially the cold air at night because the coldness concentrates the oxygen more. But today I missed the dedication of my sons new habitat for humanity house because I felt too sick to go. Did I tell you that I drew Pete's picture when I got home that day after meeting him, you know, the one thought could even be an
angel? He said he was from Hungary, but I never saw it in him until after I drew him on paper. And my daughter and I decided that he was just a prophet, and not an angel, because she noticed that he had arthritis in his hands, and an angel wouldn't have that. I'm still wondering how to get the GPS tracker out of my car, because he said that they could follow us by using a GPS system. But trackers are in credit card, passports (but I don't have one), money and cell phones also. That's going to be a real bummer to live without those things. We had to live without water before this time also, which makes me think we are probably in training, so that we will know what to do to conserve later. I just really wish the toxic mold thing wouldn't have to come with the training package. Ooops, this message is getting too long. Shabbat Shalom !
At 7:47am on October 22, 2008, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
You rang? Got the message. I'm going to try to get some sleep today since I was up last night taking care of a sick 5 year old. I will try to sleep as long as he stays asleep. But I don't want to miss whatever it is that you called about. My phone will probably have the ringer off until I do get up. But could you put a message in my email or leave me a message here?
At 11:54pm on October 17, 2008, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Thanks Guys, Shabbat Shalom !
At 3:46am on October 3, 2008, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
At 3:43am on October 3, 2008, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…
Shabbat Shalom! Brought you a surprise:

At 1:13am on September 10, 2008, Mrs. Sharon B. Hodge said…

Agenda 21 – Globalist Depopulation 2009 – Part 1

Agenda 21 – Globalist Depopulation 2009 – Part 2

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