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Something About Me

Who am I, Jeramiah Giehl with the Emcee alias of Just para-DOX also known as DJ XDC. I was born in Des Moines, IA, but grew up in Oceanside, CA now living in Dallas, TX. I am work for Much Luvv Records, the All Eyes On Me Awards and my own company JAG’D Edge Media. I'm a hip hop artist, producer, promoter, poet, songwriter, graphic designer and artist. I'm a conscious artist that does focus on the mainstream market. I've always really felt the whole east coast / underground vibe. In the words of Nas, 'You can hate now but I won't stop now.' I keep it real, relevant and deep with my lyrics. I am a very driven person who lives to make an impact with my life and musical content. I picked up the nickname AddLibbz for my ability to flow on any topic and adlib of any comment someone makes. The title Dj XDC stands for X-Dark Child and is the avenue through which I make mixtapes to put out to use as evangelistic tools and have put out mixtapes that have been listened to over 50,000 people. I started making mixtapes to help kids off the streets of Deep Valley Oceanside switch from hardcore secular hip hop to positive gospel rap, while bringing them to church on the church bus and saw a passion and need for positive music that effects kids from the streets for positive social change.

What does my name mean?
Just para-DOX is the emcee name that stuck after first being named SoulCracka, standing for a few things, one being a white emcee who brings soul food or one who brings the truth that is like Yeshua chasing out the money changers out the temple with a the Crack of a whip. However after some introspection about my life I felt that my life was more of a para-DOX, in that which because many things that shouldn’t be are growing up in the environment that I did and experiencing what I have its to G-ds glory that I’m in my right mind, not on drugs, in jail or dead.

Dictionary Definition para~DOX:
1 : a tenet contrary to received opinion
2 : a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true

In Latin para mean ‘for’ and Dox means ‘G-d’ so in the sense that the simplicity of the gospel confounds the wise something’s may seem contrary to receive opinion and yet are true though don’t fit societal norms, let G-d be true and every man a liar. And in that para-DOX I stand Just For G-d. So the name has dual meanings on representing the gospel the other my life.

para-DOX Experience With Hip Hop
My first experiences with hip hop occurred in elementary school {back in 85} watching kids break dance on card board boxes at lunch at school. Initially I fell in love with Hip Hop developing a love for east coast crews like; BDP, Erik B & Rakem, EPMD, 3rd Base, Black Sheep, Onyx, Wutang Clan, Erick Sermon, Kieth Murray, Gang Starr, Redhead Kingpin & The FBI, DMX. I also started liking some west coast cats like; NWA, E40, Warren G, DPG, X'Zibit, Dr Dre, Snoop and Bone Thugz & Harmony. Since I have returned to my passion for Hip Hop music I have been influenced by such artists as; Souljahz, Raiderz of the Lost, Dj Maj, KJ52, Secta7, Bushwick Bill, Washington Projects, Von Won, 007 (of 5th Ward Boyz), Sevin, HOG MOB, Grits, 4th Avenue Jones, La Symphony, Pigeon John, Deepspace 5, Listener, manCHILD, Playdough, Metatron, Ministers Of The Underground, Tunnel Rats, Nureau Ink, Tonex, T Bizzy, Red Cloud, Da Truth, Deaux Process, AppleJaxx, Braille, propaganda, Poems, Sev Statik, Von Won, ICECE, Pettidee, theBREAX, Mr Ren, Future Shock, Mr J Medieros, The Procusions, Much Luvv Records, Enock, SolSeekers, Theory Hazit, Surreall, Lil Ras & Nuwine aka Wine-O, Good News Bad Boys, Bavu Blakes, Nas, Eminem, El-P, Aesop Rock, Common, Dilated Peoples, Black Star, Talib Kweli, Will Smith, Mos Def, The Roots, Pharoahe Monch, Guilty Simpson, Nappy Roots, Oldominion, Smoke, Sleep, Boom Bap Projects, Lil Brother, Krs One, Bishop Lamont, Black Ty, Lauren Hill, Wyclef Jean, Refugees, Living Legends, LMNO, The Visionaries, Jurassic 5, Strange Fruit Project, Speech, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park, Idle Warship, Strong Arm Steady, Ma$e, KanYe West, Will.I.Am, Wordsworth, Lupe Fiasco, Jin, Immortal Technique, Saigon, Underground Rise, Ishues, FootSoldiers, Triune, Chamillionaire, POD, Matisyahu, Miri Ben Ari, Manafest and Mars Ill.

I have always had a passion for poetic rhythmic expression and a desire to perform since the first time he heard hip hop music. I never acted upon this desire other than talking to a few friends about it, writing lyrics, rapping in the shower and doing the occasional Karoake to Kris Kross.

My first solo hip hop performance was in October of 2002 at a Mars Music in Dallas at an open mic competition put on by CMT. I performed a song he wrote titled Down on the Ground Again. It was a song I had written the night before to a beat I remixed of Mary J Blige/Method Man song 'your all I need.' I didn't win because most of the artist who performed were rock or country and the show was put on by CMT. However I did place well, receiving recognition and praise for my music and writing abilities.

Not long after really getting back into writing Hip Hop again I started traveling around performing in community centers, detention centers, clubs, apartment complexes and to homeless people on the streets. With the crew I was with I supervised an independent CD release titled the Fired Up Ep. I also was able to promote the group so that we had the opportunity to perform at Club 36:9, The Door Club, Insomnia Coffee House and competed in a battle of the bands on a Cable TV Show in which we received second place for a song I wrote and performed.

When I gave up rapping in 2003 for a season I moved more into promotion, planning, hosting events, running the JEM Stone Promotions, the DFW Hip Hop Alliance and Faze1 First Fridays. I then moved into being the marketing and promotions Manager for Much Luvv Records and being the media coordinator for the All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards.

My Passion
My mission is to represent positive music that changes lives, challenges hearts and makes a social impact to the masses through the Hip-Hop Culture, concerts and music outreaches. paraDOX is a diverse artist with a broadband of musical influences who has passion for the streets and impacting Hip Hop culture combining socially conscious and relevant lyrics.

I am a Conscious Hip Hop artist with passion for reaching problem youth through Hip Hop culture and mentorship through concerts, block parties, school assemblies, homeless outreaches, prison outreaches, Clubs and traveling doing outreach weekends. I do shows in clubs, community centers, camps, children's homes, outdoor events, after school clubs, parks, homeless centers, recreation centers, schools, churches and any other type event you would like to book me for.

Ministry Experience
I've been in ministry for over ten years. Having been on staff at Family Fellowship AoG Oceanside, CA working with Troubled Inner City Youth, Mentoring Troubled Teens, a Youth Small Group Leader, and Young Adults Ministry Events Coordinator, Leading Interecesorry Prayer and Friday Evening Evangelism Street Team as well as participating community / apartment / park Drama outreaches and VBS programs. At SASCHE Assembly Of God I was a Home Bible Study Leader, Young Mens Discipleship Leader & Chi Alpha Campus Ministry to UTD while I was attending Southwestern Assemblies Of God University majoring in Church Planting & Revitalization. Then at Covenant Church as a LifeTeam Host. I have also participated in, preached and leading five AOG Aim Short Term Mission Trips to Mexico and I also participated in Two Month MAPS Missionary Trip to Western Europe ministering in Spain, Luxembourg, Holand & Belguim as well as visiting France and stopped Switzerland for a few days.

Hip Hop 4 Darfur
In 2008 Just paraDOX started the organization Hip Hop 4 Darfur to help those affected by the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. The first record with many contributions by MCs from the christian rap scene is "The Save Darfur Now Compilation: Holy Hip Hop Responds To The Genocide In Darfur" (2008).

Hip Hop Foundation For Social Justice
The HHH Foundation For Social Justice is a movement and a series of compilation albums dealing with Civil Rights, Human Trafficking, Social Justice, Inner-City Violence, the AIDS Epidemic, Police Brutality, and all the other issue we need to deal with and talk about. Bringing awareness, ways to get involved and raised funds for organizations that are making an impact on these social issues and dealing the injustice.

Just para-DOX made his first full length appearance on SoulFire's The Fired Up EP feat myself as Emcee para-DOX1 (2003) released through paradox's XDC reCORDz. I am currently working towards releasing my first full length solo project "The DOX is in..." while releasing a couple advance mixtapes.

Just para-DOX has several mixtapes in the making:
DOX Don't Bust No Glocks Mixtape
The current project that I am working on (2009).
Dert DOX (Samauri Adrian): The Healing Mixtape
Is a mixtape (2009) focused on healing the whole mind, body, soul and spirit through dealing with the issues of life. This project will take you through some of the pain I've been in life and lessons learned along the road.

Guest Appearances
Plus the para-DOX can be found as a guest on Bigg Moose’s mixtape with the track "Takin Ova".

Just para-DOX - DOX Don’t Bust No Gocks

The project that I am working on right now is the "DOX Don't Bust No Glocks Mixtape." This mixtape is going to be featuring 007 (of 5th Ward Boys), Propaganda (of Tunnel Rats & FootSoldiers), Applejaxx (of Nureau Ink), Gibraan (of Nureau Ink), Khul Rhema (of Ziklag Boyz), Tre-9 (of The Much Luvv Fam), C Micah, S.O.M (Soldiers On a Mission), ICECE, CY, Tha Heata, Nate G, Truth Seekah, Ron Daniel & Big Moose. Plus of course yours truly 'Just paraDOX', rapping for the first time since 2003 when I gave up rapping for season and moved more into promotion, planning, hosting events, running the JAG‘D Edge Media, the DFW Urban Hip Hop Alliance and Faze1 First Fridays. I then moved into being the marketing and promotions Manager for Much Luvv Records and being the media coordinator for the All Eyes On Me Hip Hop Achievement Awards after working with Dj Maj and Virtual Frequency Radio for a short period of time as an event planner, promoter and street team leader.

Here is the CD cover for the mixtape I am currently working on:

This will be my first solo project as a mixtape to reintroduce the world to Just paraDOX, the new reformed and rearmed and reenergized, showing a diversity of rap styles and writing ability so people can get a little taste of what’s to come and how diverse I am as an individual, so when I start working on my first solo album people will already have a feaver for the flavor. I am a very diverse and eclectic individual and I think on this mixtape you will see some of that with a dance hall track, a rock track, crunk, east coast, underground and diversity of hip hop styles and raps. In the meantime I decided to put out a mixtape to see if cats where feeling me and if I should continue to work on a full length album. And it’s been awesome to see the people who have said they would like to be involved it really moves me to know that people would be involved with a project with me and believe in me. Thank you.

The content of the mixtape is current world events (war on terror, Isreal & the middle east conflict, inner city economics and the dumbing down & drugging up of society), the positive power of speech to persued others, ending beef in hip hop, not returning violence with violence (returning to the principles of MLK Jr), hip hop dying so we can bring a rap renaissance toward more positive and socially relevant content.

Here is the back cover:

Here is the Track List:
1. World War III featuring Cy (War What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing!) (Intro)
2. Window Shopper (Remix)
3. I Still Have A Dream featuring Dr MLK Jr, ICECE & Bigg Moose (Remix)
4. Things I like featuring Tre-9, Kj-52 & Kuhl Rhema (of Ziklag Boyz) (Remix)
5. DOX Don't Bust No Glocks (NWA Express Yourself Remix) (Exclusive)
6. Shot Down (Remix)
7. Whats Beef (mad-USA) (Beef III Snippet - Interlude)
8. Takin The Streets Back featuring 007 (of the 5th Ward Boys) (Exclusive)
9. Rap Renaissance featuring Gibraan (of Nureau Ink) & Propaganda (of Tunnel Rats & FootSoldiers) (Hip Hop Is Dead Remix)
10. Imagine featuring Applejaxx (of Nureau Ink) (Remix)
11. The Art Of War (San Soo Gung Fu) (Exclusive)
12. Dying To Live featuring C Micah (Remix)
13. Broken Tablets
14. Go Hard featuring Nate G (Remix)
15. Talkin Gibberish featuring Tre-9 & ICECE (Exclusive)
16. War Drums featuring Matisyahu (Interlude)
17. The Rules Of War
18. Won’t Stop Now featuring Tha Heata
19. What He says I am
20. Get The Club Crunk featuring SOM (Soldiers On a Mission)
21. Here We Go Again (The Government Is Moving Drugs Again)
22. Murder Ink (Suicide Note)
23. You Know How My Squad Do featuring Tre-9, ICECE & Andre “007” Barnes (of the 5th Ward Boys)(Remix)
24. Chunk Up The Deuce & Twist The Dub Up (Down south from the west)
25. CREAM 2007 (Remix)
26. Warfare Training 101 featuring Bruce Lee (Interlude)
27. Get Down
28. Push It To The Limit
29. We Need To Help The Hood (Interlude)
30. With The Help of Almighty G-d
31. Hidin In My Heart
32. L-ord Give Me A Sign featuring DMX, Truth Seekah & Ron Daniel (Remix)
33. Lights Out (Game Over) featuring POD (Remix)
34. Teach Me L-ord
35. L-ord Have Mercy (Lifter Of My Head) featuring Elisheva Shomron (Outro)
36. Aaronic Benediction by Rabbi Marty Waldmen (Prayer)
37. Takin Over featuring Bigg Moose (Bonus Cut)

para-DOX Performance, Speaking & Promotion History
June 22, 2008 - All Eyes Of Me Achievement Awards @ Copperfield In Houston, TX
November 24, 2007 - Texas Announcers Guild @ Hyatt Regency In Austin, TX
August 24, 2007 - CrossMovement HIStory Tour @ Highpoint In Fort Worth, TX
June 24, 2007 - All Eyes Of Me Achievement Awards @ Copperfield In Houston
June 24, 2006 - All Eyes Of Me Achievement Awards @ Copperfield In Houston, TX
June 25, 2005 - Da Convertication ’05 @ Paul Quinn College in Dallas, TX
May 7, 2004 - Faze1 First Friday @ Club 412 in Irving, TX
Apr 9, 2004 - Dallas Hip Hop Convertication @ The Neotropolis In Carrollton, TX
Jan 30, 2004 - Faze1 Final Friday @ Club 36:9 in Dallas, TX
Dec 24, 2003 - Virtual Frequency @ The Neotropolis In Carrollton, TX
Nov 13, 2003 - Chi Alpha Campus Outreach @ Navarro Community College In Ennis, TX
Jul 27, 2003 - Damascus Road Battle Of the Bands - 2nd Place Winner, TX
Jul 25, 2003 - SoulFire CD Release Party @ The Door Club Dallas In Dallas, TX
Jun 29, 2003 - Homeless Outreach @ Seek The Lost Street Church in San Antonio, TX
Jun 22, 2003 - Troubled Youth Outreach @ Waco Center for Troubled Youth In Waco, TX

HH Foundation For Social Justice: The SaveDarfurNow Benefit Compilation Volume 1

The Hip Hop Foundation For Social Justice is a community seeking justice for those affected by genocide, human trafficking, social injustice, spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, poverty, disease, the AIDS epidemic, illiteracy, lack of education, environmental issues, poverty, inner-city violence, Police brutality and civil rights violations, by bringing awareness and ways to get involved and make non-violent social impact.

HH Foundation For Social Justice: The SaveDarfurNow Benefit Compilation Volume 1
Our first project for the HH Foundation For Social Justice is a compilation to raise funds and awareness about those affected by the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan, Africa. All proceeds will go to

This compilation features Propaganda (of Tunnel Ratz & FootSoldiers), Sivion (of DeepSpace 5), Atom The Immortal (of Secta7), David 2.0 (of Nureau Ink & VOLTRON), AppleJaxx (of Nureau Ink), Enimity (of South Africa), Sevin (of HOG MOB), Just para-DOX (of Secta7), Secta7, Minister RMB, Lil Ras, Tre-9, Von Won, S.O.M, Mr Ren, Dj Sean P, Versat1le, Twisted Optiks, Nate G, LitaRodi, T.R.I.G.G.A., Bigg Moose, theBREAX, Name Brand, Afaar, NomiS, Reg Henry, ColCutz, Sandz & John Orozco.

Including samples and interludes featuring Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr (Civil Rights Martyr), Paul Rusesabina (Hotel Rwanda Survivor), Korrie Ten-Boom (Holocaust Survivor), George Clooney (Darfur Activist) & Bashir Abdul Rosso (Darfur Survivor).

Album Cover:

The Tracklisting:
1) Name Brand - Welcome To Africa feat Afaar, NomiS & Regg Henry
2) Just para-DOX (of Secta7) - SaveDarfurNow feat Fred Lynch (of PID)
3) Sevin (of HOG MOB) - Africa (I Wish I Knew You Better)
4) Propaganda (of Tunnel Rats) - Time (Where Do We Go)
5) George Clooney (Social Justice Activist) - History Will Be Left To Judge Us (Interlude)
6) Atom The Immortal (of Secta 7) - Forsaken
7) David 2.0 (of Nureau Ink & VOLTRON) - The Freedom Fighter
8) Secta7 - Hatikvah (The Hope)
9) Enmity (of Cape Town, South Africa) - Forgive Us (Spoken Word)
10) Twisted Optiks - Anti-Genocide feat Sandz
11) AppleJaxx (of Nureau Ink) - Dangerous
12) Paul Rusesabagina (Rwanda Survivor) - More Than Twelve Years Ago (Interlude)
13) Mr Ren - I Am The Truth
14) Nate G - Press On
15) S.O.M (Soldiers On a Mission) - Youth Of The Nation feat Mike Flores
16) Von Won - Tuff Life
17) Bashir Abdul Rosso (Darfur Survivor) - Testimony (Interlude)
18) Lil Ras - Way Too Real
19) Sivion (of DeepSpace 5) - The Fall
20) Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr (Civil Rights Activist) - Things We Must Never Forget (Interlude)
21) Tre-9 - Help Me Out feat LitaRodi & ColCutz
22) Minister RMB - My Passion feat John Orozco
23) Corrie Ten-Boom (Holocaust Survivor) - Forgive Your Enemies (Outro)
24) Versat1le - V.E.N.G.E.A.N.C.E. (Bonus Track)
25) T.R.I.G.G.A. - Thirsty (Bonus Track)
26) ICECE - Set Us Free feat Boyce (of S.O.M) (Bonus Track)
27) Bigg Moose - Painfully Dark (Acoustic Remix) (Bonus Track)
28) Conflict - Death Before Denial feat Jessica Griffin (Bonus Track)

Back Cover:

Sponsored By: JAG’D Edge Media, JEM Stone Promotions, EOE Records, All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards, Sacred Apparel Clothing, Damaged Visions,, CitySlickaz Entertainment & Much Luvv Records

Release Date: November 15th (or sooner if possible)

Available At: iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster,, AmazonMP3, Groupie Tunes (Mobile RingTones), Holy Culture Downloads and other global digital download stores.

Free Download: The Dj XDC - The SaveDarfurNow Compilation (Promo Mixtape) @

HipHop Unites To Respond To Genocide In Darfur Social Network on Ning.
Join the Network ( and Spread the word! Get your own Hip Hop 4 DARFUR! badge for your website or MySpace page as well as add our music player to your Facebook page. Sign up now, Create Your Own Profiles, Add your own music, videos and picture, so when can promote what your doing and send out invites to all your friends to support and become aware of the movement.

Lets build this movement.
Also, you can add the Facebook Music player and the Badge to your webpage and myspace page. Please promote this page as the source for info on Darfur and the Holy Hip Hop social Justice mission to "give water in the name of Yeshua" to those who are in need.

Will you do something about the Genocide in Darfur?
Help Us Raise Funds For By Purchasing In The Save Darfur Now Hip Hop Compilation or going to and make a contribution.

HH Foundation For Social Justice
As many as 450,000 people have been killed in Darfur. Another 2.5 million have been driven from their homes and into danger. The threat of rape, torture, murder and starvation pursue the women, men and children of Darfur wherever they flee.

Here are some other countries in Africa that have been affected by Genocide and War in recent years: Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan (Darfur & Southern Region), Kenya, Somalia & Congo.

Over a thousand people have signed and committed to be a part of the movement, whether to educate others, raise funds and awareness or to get involved personally themselves.

This is cause worth fighting for.
Tre-9 CEO of Much Luvv Records and Founder of the All Eyes On Me Achievement Wards says, “It is a good thing to do, for such an awful disgrace to humanity.”

According to Metatron (of Secta7), "What does the Torah tell the Children of Israel regarding the shedding of innocent blood? Especially genocidal blood slaughter? "Lo taamod al dam réakha" or "You shall not stand idly by the shedding of the blood of your fellow man." is a Biblical commandment. The word is not "akhikha," your Jewish brother, but "réakha," your fellow human being, be he or she Jewish or not."

Help Us Raise Funds For By Supporting In The Save Darfur Now Hip Hop Compilation

What the HHH Foundation For Social Justice Is All About?
The HHH Foundation For Social Justice and the SaveDarfurNow Compilation which is the first in a series dealing with Civil Rights, Human Trafficking, Social Justice, Inner-City Violence, the AIDS Epidemic, Police Brutality, and all the other issue we need to deal with and talk about. G-d put it on my heart to start a Compilation series and movement to broaden the dialogue in Rap and by rappers to do more grown mans hip hop and deal with real life issues from a real position and not just safe youth group friendly music that’s only going to ministry to the "theologically" or "dogmatically" informed but to get us as a movement to start reaching out to people who aren't being reached with real good news that can help them out their situation through Proverbs and Parables they can relate to in music giving them G-dly wisdom for life and counsel that will stir their mind and spirit to do more than sit in some pew listen to a pastor and donate a few dollars to the church but not change their community. To reach young adults, young marries, and older people who deal with real issues and to engage in the aisles of the world.

We envision a movement that is a diverse group of voices for justice and the common good consistently impact society and to not use religion as a tool of division and exclusion and make sure they do not dominate public discourse but that the tools of peace that Dr MLK Jr taught to fight these ails.

We are part of a new revolution, a new breed who put social justice ahead of partisan politics. Inspired by the broader message of faith and compassion in the Bible. Yeshua told us to love our neighbor, even if they don't agree with you. And to give them a cup of cold water in Yeshua name.

Our goal is to mobilize to deal with the global giants: spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, poverty, disease and illiteracy. The environment, poverty and education have become pressing concerns, especially for younger evangelicals. We have a passion to invested enormous resources in ways to combat corruption, illiteracy and other social problems through church partnerships with government and business.

Driving Force
Hip Hop 4 Darfur is an organization that Just paraDOX, also known as AddLibbz or DJ XDC, started to help those affected by the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. As he states about the idea: "After preparing to go on a mission to South Africa that never really worked out financially and watching movies 'Black Hawk Down,' 'Hotel Rwanda,' 'The Devil Comes On Horse Back' and 'Darfur Now' along with songs about the 'Blood Diamonds' of Sierra Leone G-d started to put it on my heart to look into what is really going on in Africa, to get involved & help those who are in need in Africa. I started to get involved with"

Social Awareness
As he continues: "After having multiple discussions with AppleJaxx, Lil Raskull, Propaganda, Poems & others about social justice and civil rights issues seldom addressed by the hip hop even the holy hip hop community G-d put it on my heart to start putting together a series of compilations that broaden the dialogue in holy hip hop to include social justice causes, bring awareness to these issues and at the same time raises funds for an organization involved in those affected by the topic."

Genocide Darfur
"When you find out that 450,000 people have been slaughtered for no reason In Darfur and over 2.5 million have been displaced many into refuge camps where it takes up to 3-4 weeks sometimes to get food and tents it breaks your heart. I know that the shear reality of the tragedy to humanity has left me in intercession and mourning by the reality of all the women are raped, the villages shot up by government helicopter gun ships and then the government trained Janjiweed come in & slaughter men, women & children. China is the number one exporter of oil & fund the government of Sudan."

Respond to the need in Darfur.
Here are some way you can network with others and get others involved through social networks.
Join the Ning network at:
To find out more and get involved go to:
Also join us on my space at:
Also join us on our my space group:
And face book at:, Spread the word and invite your all your friends. Get involved don't let history look back on us for our lack of effort.

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