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WatchMen of the House of Israel' on the Wall


WatchMen of the House of Israel' on the Wall

That Yehudah and Ephraim apoint One Leader: Yahushuah HaMessiah. That we all shall call out: HOSHAN NAH (Save now, TEHILLIM 118:25-26) to Ben Dovid! (YaHushuah) BARUCH HABAH BSHEM ADONOI! Hoshannah in the Highest!

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How it works

Every Yom-Rishon (Sunday) morning I planned to go to The Kotel.

If you like to join us than come on the Email List click on 'Joining or Contacting us' on the website: The WatchMen from the house of Israel on the Wall
Maybe you can tell a litle about yourself. After that you are accepted, you can sent a Prayer Request through the same link. And put your Prayer Request.
If it is Private state it clearly. Please make it short.
When you come on the Email List you receive, the Prayer Letter, the weekly Torah and Haftorah portion in the OJB vertaling in a attachment. And when there is special news from Israel. No commercials. It is free I do this voluntarily. But I like it very much, when people with a website come on the Email List that they put a link on their website to 'The WatchMen from the house of Israel on the Wall'. So that many people can come and join us. We are a group who are praying for coming together in Love from our Messiah, Yeshuat YHWH. You can alway's unsubscribe. By click reply and state clearly 'unsubscribe'.

On hamotsy Shabbath (Saturday evening). I collect the prayers. And put them in The Prayer Letter that I send out by Email and put in the Kotel. Here you see the basic Prayer Letter.

Every week, I like to bring your prayers to the 'Kotel' here in Jerusalem.
And to stay, together with members of the group who are in Jerusalem. On a nice place in the Old City from where we have a good look over the Temple Mount and the plaza before the 'Kotel'.

And all the other members, who are not living here, pray at their place on planet earth. So that we are connected with prayer.

I ask from the members that they send me prayer requests in connection with the following points:

1. That Yudah shall call out for the Messiah.

2. That Yudah and Ephraim together shall call out for Only One Leader our Messiah!

3. Forgiveness for our sins here in Yudah, for the Yahudim, but also for Ephraim.

4. Decisions that the government of Israel has to make.

5. Wisdom under the ‘Lost-Tribes’. Our attitude to people who love Israel,

I believe many people belong to the ‘Lost-Tribes’.

6. And that we spread the Love of Yeshuat YHWH to all.

7. Looking forwards for His coming.

Everyone who likes to go with me. Has to call me. I shall give my phone number when you ask it me through my contact form click 'Joining or Contacting us' on the website: The WatchMen from the house of Israel on the Wall. I like that we talk a little bit before. So that there is a kind of 'order' when we 'lift up' our prayers.

The first time that I went with the prayers was Yom Rishon (Sunday) 1-7-2008.
Now we have 172 members on YahSpace and it is growing.
That we may come together, everyone who loves the Elohim of Israel, His people and His Torah.

Please invite so much people as you like to come on the Email List of 'The WatchMen from the House of Israel on the Wall'.

'The WatchMen from the House of Israel' is complete undepented. Only the people on the Email List can decite how it works furter.

I only like to pray with you, as long as possible.

When you are on the 'Email List'. And there are question's or suggestion's. Please write me by clicking on 'Joining or Contacting us' on the website. Every one who likes to help me is welcome.

People from Shekinah-Life can put Prayer Request under 'The Wall of Prayer Points' on this page.


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Comment by James and Terry Hamilton on June 26, 2008 at 10:36pm

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