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Kabbalah as Science

The importance of studying this wondrous wisdom is that there is a great power in the study of Kabbalah that can be of benefit to everyone.

The principal law of the higher worlds is altruism. This law acts whether we are aware of it or not, and we must follow it whether we like it or not. Disobeying that law produces disasters and tragedies, both individual and collective. That law is not canceled, although we are stopped as soon as we break it. We will only be able to understand when and how that law works by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The result of our descent into this world is that we are completely dependent on the components and characteristics of that spiritual system. So in order to function according to its laws, we must study that system instead of roaming blindly through our world, beaten time and again but not knowing why. When we study Kabbalah, even if we do not understand anything we study, but simply have the desire to understand, we awaken within us an influence of the Light that corrects us.

A Practical Study for Everyone

Who can study this wisdom? Anyone who relentlessly asks, “What is the meaning of my life?” can study Kabbalah. This great wisdom can only be studied when there is an inner need, not through coercion.

When a person truly wants something, that person goes out and does it. Therefore, if your soul is ready for ascension, you’ll study Kabbalah.

Keep in mind that you do not find Kabbalah on your own; you are brought here from Above.

Bans regarding the study of the Kabbalah existed only until the time of the Ari. Kabbalists themselves enforced them because the souls did not yet need the Kabbalah to progress toward the purpose of creation. But since the time of the Ari (end of the 16th century), he and other Kabbalists have lifted the ban they had set up. It was done because souls have reached such a level of development that they’ve begun to feel within them the need for spiritual, exalted content.

If earlier people were still passive in the process, now we are compelled to partake in the process. The only condition is that we show a desire to partake in the leadership.

We should use the very means that we were born with to approach the Creator and to believe that in each given moment the means that are at our disposal are the very best there are. Despite that, we must never stop searching for better ones.

The Flavors and the Secrets

No secrets are taught in Kabbalah. The wisdom of Kabbalah is called “the wisdom of the hidden,” not because it is secret in and of itself, but because it reveals things that were hidden before we began to study. It reveals everything that surrounds us.

However, the wisdom of Kabbalah is comprised of two parts: “flavors of the Torah” and “secrets of the Torah.” The flavors of the Torah investigate the structure of the spiritual worlds, the soul, and how one should correct oneself. Everyone is permitted to study that part. Anyone can taste the flavors of the Torah.

The “secrets of the Torah” are the hidden part of the Torah. Nothing is written about this in any book. That part is taught only after a person has acquired the flavors of the Torah, attained the structure of the spiritual worlds, as well as one’s own spiritual structure. A person who has attained that level, where physical life and death do not exist, sees the entire process from beginning to end and is above our world. Then the secrets open up like innermost fountains, and we understand the rudimentary laws of that system.

A Safe Method without Special Preparations

People often ask if there is a prerequisite to studying Kabbalah. The simple answer is that you don’t have to study anything before you begin to study Kabbalah, because Kabbalah is contact with the Creator. A person who wants to study Kabbalah is like an infant emerging wet and naked from its mother’s womb. What would an infant need to know at that point? When we want to learn about the Upper World, we do not need anything that we learned in this world, because it is the Upper World we wish to enter.

Our genuine development from matter to spirit should evolve gradually, to the extent that we understand the world we live in. The more we discover the true situation in our world, the more we will be ready for an inner change.

We move through our world totally oblivious that anything outside of our perceived reality exists until we decide to study Kabbalah and attain the necessary knowledge to understand and work with the system of creation.

The method of Kabbalah prepares us to enter the Upper World with knowledge and powers, without harming ourselves or others. We enter the spiritual world only by the extent of our correction. Consequently, there cannot be a situation where a person enters prematurely and inflicts damage.

Kabbalah as a True Science

Kabbalah is a very real and accurate system by which we begin to gradually feel the Creator in mind and heart, to an even greater extent than we feel our current environment. The Creator is sensed a lot more clearly, without any self-deception, and through controlled and systematically repeated actions. This wisdom is subject to all the requirements that exact sciences are subject to.

We use everything we’re given in this world freely. We do not feel where and from whom it comes. If we were to feel the Giver, even slightly, we would instantly receive a different sensation, a different position, and a different relationship with anything or anyone. That would immediately place us in a completely different situation. Our whole problem is the absence of the sensation of the Creator. That is why the single most important goal in our world is to feel the existence of the Creator, to establish some sort of contact with Him.

After that, contact will become much easier. When you attain even a little bit of the sensation of the Creator, you hang on to it, and can return again and again to deepen and broaden it.

We can measure emotions and translate them to numbers; we can also conduct experiments, repeat them and transfer the acquired knowledge to others.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science and a way of life that enables us to live correctly. How long does it take to learn how to live correctly? That depends on the soul. But when we begin to study, we soon feel that we can no longer do without it, because life without our studies is so strange and narrow that without connecting life to the Upper World, to the soul, and to eternity, it loses its meaning. When we begin to feel like that, it is no longer possible to detach ourselves from Kabbalah and remain confined to our world.

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